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The Creed in Context

An exploration and realization of the Founder's prophetic vision: America; and,

Mr. Jefferson's philosophy - Whiggism, the political, economic, and spiritual fundament of America - the "world revolution" of which Dr. King, Mr. Jefferson's twin American Prophet, spoke - enshrined in The Creed's three mottoes:

E Pluribus Unum: The People - in awareness and rejection of "pseudo aristoi" - sovereign individuals, the yeoman artisanry, one new Nation, "The Garden of the World," into which all nations of the world flow; as,

Novus Ordo Seclorum (The New Secular Order): Supplanting for all time History's default system of rule, caesaropapism, in whatever guise, faction, or iteration, the Ancien Régime's "Old Sectarian Order" fascist plutocracy; by,

Annuit Coeptis: "divine Providence blesses our [righteous] endeavors." The Creator, G-d of the universe, in covenant with The Founders and the Electorate, the Origin and Source of all our blessings: Justice pursued, Evil abolished, and Righteousness established - American Exceptionalism.

"...a faction has entered into a conspiracy with the enemies of their countryto chain down the Legislature at the feet of both..." The Founder to James Madison, March 1796

"What a conspiracy this, between Church and State!" To Major John Cartwright, June 5, 1824

Proof of "Bi-Partisan" Fascist Plutocracy's usurpation of the People and Constitution of America

Thomas Jefferson : Writings: Autobiography / Notes on the State of Virginia / Public and Private Papers / Addresses / Letters (Library of America), Thomas Jefferson, Merrill D. Peterson(Editor)

The Radical Politics of Thomas Jefferson, Richard K. Matthews

The Adams-Jefferson Letters: The Complete Correspondence Between Thomas Jefferson and Abigail and John Adams

Unholy Toledo: The True Story of Detroit's Purple-Licavoli Gangs' Take-over of an Ohio City, Harry R. Illman (Walter Annenberg's uncle, Moses, was two levels above Al Capone in America's Organized Crime network)

The journal of the Switchmen's Union of North America, Volume 10, p. 265 (Rockefeller built Standard Oil - what is now Roman Catholic "Big Oil" - on unredressed murder and arson)

Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler (Council of Bishops at Fulda; The Vatican; Vatican banker Rockefeller; Prescott Bush)

The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany, Guenter Lewy

I Paid Hitler, Fritz "The Rockefeller of Germany" Thyssen (Financed by Rockefeller-front Prescott Bush)
A Moral Reckoning, Daniel Jonah Goldhagen (Hitler was the Vatican's catspaw effecting with the "benefits" of the Chemical and Industrial Revolution that which Roman Europe had accomplished through sword, flame and live burial for thousands of years)
Executive Order 11110 (JFK ended the Vatican's bankers' control of our money)
National Security Action Memorandum 263, dated 11 October 1963 (JFK ordered our military's withdrawal as papal catspaw - fighting Jeffersonian whig Ho Chi Minh - for the 5% Vietnamese Roman Catholics who owned 95% of Vietnam's wealth)
Memo from FBI Special Agent Graham Kitchel to the FBI's Houston bureau, dated 22 November 1963 (As VP GHWBush said he "couldn't recall" when he heard of JFK's death)
Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence, Rev. Martin Luther King 4 April 1967
National Pastoral Plan for Hispanic Ministry (Publication / Office of Publishing and Promotion Services, United States Catholic Conference, No. 199-7), National Conference of Catholic Bishops (Illegal immigration is the enunciated stratagem by which Rome intends to "take back" America - "to construct the Kingdom of God" - through legal aid, amnesty, naturalization, and voter registration)
'Bush v. Gore', Breyer Dissent (Only the Roman Catholics voted to stop the recount)
The New Pearl Harbor, David Ray Griffin, Ph.D. (Bush and Cheney committed 9/11, using the same JFK-assassinating Roman Catholic, Knight of Malta-led CIA, but abetted by the State of Israel's Mossad's Act of War to dupe We, the People, predominately Gentiles, whom they regard as "goyim," a mindless herd of cattle, to be "mystically transformed" into their "golem" to shed the blood of innocents on their behalf: an abomination before G-d.)
The Suspicious Death of Pat Tillman"...three rounds in the forehead grouped within the circumference of a single fifty-cent coin..."
'CITIZENS UNITED v. FEDERAL ELECTION COMM’N' (The victory of Fascism in America)


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our Founders' "whig interpretation of history" answers every true American Patriot's question.

Hannity's faction's ancient "logo" was openly affixed to the House's front wall for every eye to see, the Fasces, after their military victory in 1865 using the "Union Army" as a catspaw and the "reversal," at Ford's Theater by parishioners of St. Paul's on Capitol Hill, of Lincoln's charitable orders to Grant, at Appomattox six days before, just as we were their catspaw in Korea, and in Vietnam after NSAM263 and EO11,110 were "reversed" by their operatives in the Knight of Malta-led CIA (Viz. 'Hunt v. Marchetti'), as Hitler was in Germany after their Council of Bishops at Fulda and the Reichstag Fire.

Gaslighting the People by practicing a Demublican/Republicrat "pro-wrestling" choreography funded by "campaign contributions" from members of their Entity's financial "organ," Vatican bankers Rockefeller/Rothschild's Fed Scam Pyramid's unconstitutional debt bondage fractional banking scheme, which garners for them the spiraling concentration of now "off-shored" wealth by which to impoverish the People in keeping with fascist economist Vilfredo Pareto's prescriptions taught at elite universities around Our Nation: Congress was recently rebuked by the People's unified refusal to accede to their most recent attempt to disarm us by abridgment of the Second Amendment predicated on the staged mass shootings hoaxes condoned or ordered by the Executive.

Hannity's "team" knows what it's doing.

In another guise the same Talmud/papist "engine for enslaving mankind," termed "the real Anti-Christ" by our prophet and founder Thomas Jefferson, ran "the Wall Street of slavery" for thousands of years before our Black and White whig Founders received G-d's true and prophesied "Zion," foretold by Isaiah, in Covenant, and doomed their "Big Slavery" when trafficking with them was made illegal during the Jefferson Administration.

Following Pareto's prescription for false elite control of the People by keeping wages low, promoting false wars, as did Caesar, and taxing the Middle Class rather than fascist plutocracy, the promotion and protection of illegal immigration, no matter what subterfuge is employed, or for whatever length of time it takes, to accomplish its organized army of invasion for conquest of liberal, whig, Jeffersonian America, is their "endgame" by which to extinguish Individual Sovereignty's "divine right," and American Exceptionalism's credal civil religion - The New Secular Order's displacement of their "Ancien Regime's" "divine right" of "monarchy and popery" (Viz. Paine's "Common Sense") - by which The Great Seal of the Covenant recognizes the People's "E Pluribus Unum" sovereignty under only the Creator of the universe by "Annuit Coeptis."

Their confidence is so great their satanic, tax-free stratagem, "moral justification" and marching orders is openly published and every Patriot is welcome to know precisely, in Spanish and in English, how their agents, from Rubio, to Bloomberg, Feinstein, Hannity and Limbaugh are tasked to complete their conquest of the Constitution, the People, and the Republic in order to accomplish "Urbis et Orbis" and to "overthrow" the Creator of the universe. Any of their "leadership" which fails to adhere to their "party line," and become fully American, gets "Stupak'd":


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